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January 2020 | Member Spotlights


Please click the file on this post to access the spotlight interviews showcasing company capabilities, teaming goals and other topics. 

NEW NAMC Team Member

NAMC would like to welcome our newest team member, LTC Jon St. John, USA (Ret.). He joins us as a Senior Program Manager after retiring from the Army earlier this month. 

OUSD(R&E) Fire Support Next RFI

The AD, Autonomy wants to leverage industry in a dialogue to explore a heterogeneous mix of low-cost autonomous manned and unmanned platforms operating in concert, where the unmanned platforms may provide weapons, sensors, C2, or any combination of capabilities. Fire Support Next seeks to exploit these technologies to improve the speed, lethality, and optimization of fire support operations. Interested parties are requested to respond to this RFI no later than noon Eastern Time, 10 February 2020. While this is an opportunity outside of the NAMC, we are respectfully requesting that members that submit information to this RFI, please include in their response that they are members of the NAMC and also please let us know that you are responding at Info@NAMConsortium.org.  This will help us to make a case for competing the resulting requirements through the consortium.

Next Generation Moving Target

The Government Contracting Office, on behalf of the Air Force Utah Test and Training Range, is soliciting White Papers under this announcement to seek out companies who can best meet short (FY22 fielding) and long term (next 10 years) goals to design & produce the next generation moving targets to train pilots and test weapons.

RCV Award Selection

The Government notified NAMC today that they intend to award the following NAMC member companies a task assignment under the Ground Vehicle System (GVS) Other Transaction Agreement (OTA) for the Robotic Combat Vehicle program.