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POC: Christopher Mofield |  Email  |  Website  |  LinkedIn

Technology Objective Area: Modeling & Simulation

HQ: Miamisburg, OH

Organization Type: Nontraditional

Capabilities: Product Support, Technical Manuals, IETMs,  Provisioning/Parts, Logistics, Training/eLearning, Software Solutions,  Mil-Spec Compliance, Data Conversion, Validation, Verification, Life Cycle  Management

Q: What do you consider your organization’s differentiator?

A: ONEIL has been developing product support information for over 70 years. This rich history has allowed our organization to learn many key lessons in how to effectively communicate complex technical concepts to users and maintainers of varying skill levels. Most of our technical writers were users of the information we create, which gives them a unique perspective on communicating with other users. The result is product support information that is easier to understand, providing increased readiness for your mission critical equipment.

Q: What capability gaps are you able to fill and which industry colleagues would you like to know about them?

A: Complying with military product support specifications can  be a tedious and expensive process. Many equipment manufacturers would prefer  to place primary focus on their products and not on the data specifications  that come along with selling equipment to the military. ONEIL’s proven  processes combined with our decades of experience in developing product  support information to comply with stringent military specifications lets  equipment manufacturers focus on building the best equipment to support the  nation’s warfighters. ONEIL produces top-quality technical manuals, IETMs,  and provisioning, as well as a full range of solutions including interactive  schematics and diagnostics software to maximize mission-critical equipment  performance before and after it’s fielded.

Q: What are you most proud of?

A: ONEIL is 100% employee owned. At ONEIL, we take pride in  our work quality, our work ethic, and our work structure. We’ve known for  quite some time that employee ownership positively impacts communities and  families in ways other ownership structures cannot. The structure showcases  the value we place on our people, and it’s a large part of why our team  takes such pride in ONEIL’s solutions and reputation as an industry leader  in product support information.