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The National Advanced Mobility Consortium (NAMC) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, member-led consortium made up of an expert team and approximately 500 Member organizations. As one of the longest-serving Department of Defense (DoD) consortiums, NAMC acts as a bridge between the DoD and its Members to foster innovations that ensure efficiency, effectiveness, and victory for the US Military. 

NAMC brings together Government, Industry, and Academic organizations to advance ground mobility technologies, drive relevant and rapid solutions, and empower the US warfighter. 

The NAMC Advantage

NAMC leverages our 16 years of experience to provide the highest customer service to our members and government partners. We pride ourselves on executing innovative approaches to solve end-user challenges. This includes the following initiatives:

  • END-USER INPUT through Soldier Innovation Workshops and Mission-Driven Innovation Programs
  • RAPID ACQUISITION through streamlined processes like Pitch Days and simplified award requirements
  • SPECIFIC COLLABORATION through knowledge point releases to specific Communities of Interest
  • MARKET RESEARCH through Requests for Information and Technology Demonstrations
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Are you a Government user looking to learn more about how NAMC can help you?

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Why Join NAMC?

Looking to better understand how to do business with the Department of Defense?

We’ve got you covered. We train our Membership on how to work not only within our OTAs, but with rules and regulations of Government procurement. We position our non-traditional and small business Members to compete for future opportunities outside of the OTA construct.

Want exclusive access to projects?

Our Government Partners have solicited over 400 unique projects to our Members.

Interested in sharing your capabilities with fellow industry leaders?

Not only do Members compete for projects as prime, but there is also ample opportunity for teaming and developing other business relationships among the Membership.

Membership Benefits


400+ Projects Competed Exclusively through NAMC



Over $800M in Obligated Funds for DoD Projects



70% of Funding Awarded to Non-Traditional Defense Contractors



Collaboration with Key Government Stakeholders

Success Stories

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