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NAMC has created a project pipeline forecast, called the Project Status Report, which will be updated regularly and major changes will be outlined in an email to the membership.

Please remember that this is just a forecast, and that all dates and values are subject to change.
NAMC has contracted with M3 Defense Consulting in order to provide our members with a monthly Land Systems report as a member benefit.

Here you can access the current Land Systems Reports, as well as historical copies.

Submission Templates

This is a copy of the Statement of Work template typically included with the solicitation documents. This is for reference only and should not be used in place of the SOW template provided by the Government for each specific opportunity.
This is the Organizational Conflict of Interest Form typically required during proposal submission against a solicitation.
This is the Section 889 Certification Form typically required during proposal submission against a solicitation.

Training & Quick Cards

This guide is intended to assist you in maximizing the resources available to you as a NAMC member. It details the Annual Plan process from beginning to end, with an overview of the other solicitation opportunities which may be competed through the consortium.

Please remember that Government solicitation documents always supersede any guidance found in this document.