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About NAMC

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As one of the longest serving OTA-enabled consortiums, NAMC leads as a platform for U.S. innovators to work in partnership with the Government to advance the development of manned and unmanned autonomy-enabled military solutions and their emerging technologies in support of the U.S. warfighter.


NAMC strives to remain the go-to entity with the most effective means to collaboratively conduct research, development, prototyping and production for manned and unmanned autonomy-enabled military systems and related technologies in support of the end-user.

Meet the Team

Alissa Roath

Alissa Roath

Executive Director
Andy Dallas

Andrew Dallas

Deputy Executive Director
Jon St John

Jon St John

Senior Program Director
Ashley Snider

Ashley Snider

Business Administration Director
Lindsay Bayles

Lindsay Bayles

Program Manager
Deena McIntosh

Deena McIntosh

Contracts Administrator
AnnMarie Henderson

AnnMarie Henderson

Office Manager

What We Do


Leverage a diverse membership base to engage with the government to drive defense innovation.

Deep dive into technology specifics, solicitation documents and project discussions at a Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) level.



Execute demonstrations and workshops for ideations, market research, industry/warfighter input and advance planning initiatives.

Implement in-person and virtual industry days on behalf of the government.


Train our membership on how to work not only within the OTA, but with rules and regulations of government procurement, positioning our non-traditional members to compete for future opportunities outside of the OTA construct.


Develop communities of interest to garner feedback on standards, specifications and requirements.

Create and distribute requests for information and surveys to industry and compile and analyze the data on behalf of the government.