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In an effort to raise awareness to NAMC member capabilities within the consortium, NAMC launched the member spotlight last year, showcasing an organization from the capability areas identified via the GVS OTA.

Moving forward, we will do a standalone company spotlight twice a month. With over 500+ members, we encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity and submit your company's information via the link below. There are a lot of exciting projects this fiscal year, and the spotlights help raise awareness to your company capabilities.

If you have any questions please email us at info@namconsortium.org. To access member spotlights from previous months, please visit our News page.

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Applied Minds, LLC | Burbank, CA | Nontraditional | Autonomy 

POC: Valerie Cramer | vcramer@appliedminds.com  | Website

What is something unique about your product or service?

Applied Minds is a unique company working at the crossroads of art, information, science, technology, design, and society. We are a creative team of designers, creatives, engineers, thinkers, and scientists – bringing together National Security, Silicon Valley, and Hollywood.

What do you consider your organization’s differentiator?

Applied Minds is a small 20-year-old business with a unique track record of innovation. We have proven our visualization experience hundreds of times – with projects across industries and enterprises as diverse as Defense, Entertainment, Intelligence, IT, Automotive, Agriculture, and others. Together, our artists, engineers, scientists, architects, designers and explorers are responsible for about 1000 patents, Academy Awards, six human spaceflights, exhibits at the World’s great museums, tens of thousands of flight hours, spacecraft, aircraft, ships, commercial vehicles, military vehicles, theme parks, the Coolest Tech Award from CES, the Defense Departments 2 highest medals, to name a few.

What do you want other NAMC Members to know about you?

Applied Minds has designed and implemented numerous innovative technology solutions in a number of technical and business areas, on a number of different scales, and under a variety of time constraints – from microprocessors to expedition vehicles; from children’s toys to NATO wargames; from tabletop walking robots to the world’s largest mechanical dinosaur; from mobile self-contained laboratories for field use in Afghanistan to a promising cure for cancer; from the invention of color night vision to our early “pinch-to-zoom” patent, a technology now used in every smartphone on the planet; from transforming Google’s search capability with Google Knowledge Graph to transformative command center design. Our work has resulted in over 1000 issued and pending patents.