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In an effort to raise awareness to NAMC member capabilities within the consortium, NAMC launched the member spotlight last year, showcasing an organization from the capability areas identified via the GVS OTA.

Moving forward, we will do a standalone company spotlight twice a month. With over 500+ members, we encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity and submit your company's information via the link below. There are a lot of exciting projects this fiscal year, and the spotlights help raise awareness to your company capabilities.

If you have any questions please email us at info@namconsortium.org. To access member spotlights from previous months, please visit our News page.

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Secmation | Lynwood, WA | Nontraditional | Autonomy

POC: Chelsea Meggitt | Email | Website | LinkedIn


What do you consider your organization’s differentiator?

Secmation’s differentiator is our ability to fuse our deep expertise in robotics and cybersecurity to develop low SWAP modular and embedded cybersecurity products and technologies for a variety of automated systems. Secmation ensures cybersecurity is a consideration from the start thereby saving time down the road and enabling system developers to effortlessly build compliance into their systems. 

What capability gabs are you able to fill and which industry colleagues would you like to know about them?

Secmation is an ideal partner to augment existing cybersecurity teams or provide a full suite of embedded cybersecurity solutions for applications such as unmanned systems, IoT, and Industrial Control Systems. We are interested in working with unmanned systems developers of all types including unmanned aerial, ground vehicles, surface vessels, and undersea vehicles. We are also interested in partnering in the areas of critical infrastructure protection, IoT development, and small satellites to ensure security is embedded in every defense application. 

What do you want other NAMC members to know about you?

As cyber-attacks are increasing in number daily and autonomy becomes more deeply engrained in our daily lives, the need to secure these systems has become essential. Whether its control systems on base, unmanned ground systems, or swarms of autonomous aerial vehicles, these systems have inherent cybersecurity needs. Secmation’s Founder/CEO Dr. Hal Aldridge’s deep roots in robotics and cybersecurity have enabled Secmation to master modularity and combine it with rapid prototyping to provide a secure modular framework for rapidly developing secure unmanned systems. It is not just systems in development that Secmation can secure. Secmation’s security technologies can address emerging cybersecurity needs in existing automated systems.

As a small business, Secmation’s agility enables us to rapidly address emerging security challenges. Secmation’s security solutions offer manufacturers key security and time to market advantages over existing and anticipated competitors. Secmation is a trusted leader in cybersecurity of autonomous systems, industrial control systems, smart manufacturing, and other connected systems. We look forward to collaborating with industry partners and NAMC members! 


Cybersecurity, Autonomy, information security, unmanned systems, unmanned ground vehicles, modularity, rapid prototyping, R&D