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Member Spotlight | Intelligent Fusion Technology, Inc 

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Member Spotlight | 3 January 2022

In an effort to raise awareness to NAMC member capabilities within the consortium, NAMC launched the member spotlight last year, showcasing an organization from the capability areas identified via the GVS OTA.

Moving forward, we will do a standalone company spotlight twice a month. With over 500+ members, we encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity and submit your company's information via the link below. There are a lot of exciting projects this fiscal year, and the spotlights help raise awareness to your company capabilities.

If you have any questions please email us at Click here to show email address.

Intelligent Fusion Technology, Inc | Survivability | Germantown, MD | Nontraditional 

POC: Genshe Chen |  Click here to show email address |  Website  |  LinkedIn

Q: What do you consider your organization’s differentiator?
A: Intelligent Fusion Technology, Inc. (IFT) specializes in sensor data analysis platforms that support operational decision making at all echelons. It provides situational awareness, area of interest based robotic combat vehicle (RCV) performance analysis, streamlines the labor-intensive and ambiguous motorpool maintenance, and suggests guided action and repair. Our solution leverages a digital twin, Bayesian Network, Knowledge Graph, and a Bayesian neural network. Key technologies were chosen and integrated to operate in a contested spectrum, build end-user trust, optimize & mature with the RCV prototype, and once employed continually update as new documentation, data, and evidence are available. IFT has the cross-disciplinary team and the talent to imagine the future technical and tactical RCV, as a company with over 10 years data-fusion experience to evaluate, pivot, and integrate DEPAD’s key technologies to fit the RCV’s state-of-the-art requirements.

Q: What capability gaps are you able to fill and which industry colleagues would you like to know about them?
A: Our technology significantly reducing the amount of data transfer, communicating the reasoning and the limits behind model outputs along with the confidence and risk behind the outputs, so the end user can also use their own judgement, selecting method that can get results with less initial training data (although more is always better), and selecting models that are made to be updated as new data and evidence is available.

Q: What do you want other NAMC Members to know about you?
A: Intelligent Fusion Technology, Inc. (IFT) is a high-tech, research, development, and engineering company that identifies and evaluates emerging technologies across different disciplines, brings them together, and applies them to problems in industry sectors. Data fusion is our bread and butter. We identify data related technologies of a TRL around 4, and further develop them to provide situational awareness and actional information. Past applications have included telecommunications network-layer resource allocation for better end-user quality of service (QoS) and a smaller spectrum footprint, text based processing for event detection, multi-modal sensor data analysis for situational awareness, and predictive maintenance system-level data analysis.

Capabilities: Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Digital Twin, Condition Based Predictive Maintenance, Hardware in the Loop