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Member Spotlight | Engineered Materials Technology, Inc. (EMTECH)

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Member Spotlight | 18 July 2022

In an effort to raise awareness to NAMC member capabilities within the consortium, NAMC launched the member spotlight last year, showcasing an organization from the capability areas identified via the GVS OTA.

Moving forward, we will do a standalone company spotlight twice a month. With over 500+ members, we encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity and submit your company's information via the link below. There are a lot of exciting projects this fiscal year, and the spotlights help raise awareness to your company capabilities.

If you have any questions please email us at Click here to show email address.

Engineered Materials Technology, Inc. (EMTECH)

POC: John Hall | jhall@emtechinc.net | Website LinkedIn
Technology Objective Area: Survivability
HQ: Sterling Heights, Michigan
Organization Type: Nontraditional

Q: What is something unique about your product or service?

A: EMTECH is a Service-disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business that specializes in thermal solutions. We offer a range of products and solutions, such as protective/corrosion resistance coatings including Polyurea and CARC paint. EMTECH has insulation packages on various Land System vehicles, our patent pending and proprietary insulation, results can give a R16 value. We also offer sewing from garments to industrial pipe wraps, and seats. We have developed a proprietary blast floor mat, which helps dissipate the energy from an IED away from the warfighter’s feet. Finally, we offer gaskets and seals.

Q: What do you consider your organization’s differentiator?

A: The fact that we try to solve our customer's problems, even though they may not be in our capabilities. We will take a look, and point them in the right direction.

Q: What are your teaming goals within NAMC?

A: To work together with others, and learn about new opportunities as well as being on the ground floor for those projects, instead of bein


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