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Member Spotlight | Beacon Interactive Systems

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Member Spotlight | 6 June 2022

In an effort to raise awareness to NAMC member capabilities within the consortium, NAMC launched the member spotlight last year, showcasing an organization from the capability areas identified via the GVS OTA.

Moving forward, we will do a standalone company spotlight twice a month. With over 500+ members, we encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity and submit your company's information via the link below. There are a lot of exciting projects this fiscal year, and the spotlights help raise awareness to your company capabilities.

If you have any questions please email us at Click here to show email address.

Beacon Interactive Systems

POC: Megan McKinney | megan.mckinney@beaconinteractive.com | Website | LinkedIn

Technology Objective Area: Platforms

HQ: Waltham, Massachusetts

Organization Type: Nontraditional

Capabilities: Digital Transformation, Sustainment and Edge Operations, Actionable Information, Sustainable Readiness, Digitization


Q: What do you consider your organization’s differentiator?

A: Beacon digitally transforms operations at the edge. Our technology delivers actionable information into the hands of the warfighter. The hallmark of our success is an explicit and persistent focus on the end user. We listen, learn, and iterate to build technology that works for the individual. This warrior-centered ethos underpins our key innovation – the Beacon Digital Platform – a comprehensive Operations & Sustainment framework that streamlines the performance of work and delivers visibility into critical infrastructure readiness.

Q: What are you most proud of?

A: Beacon’s Digital Platform spans the full operations and sustainment lifecycle with integrated products that address operations management, maintenance, logging and operational energy. Focusing on the transformative effects of digitizing work, Beacon’s products drive operational efficiency and visibility ensuring safe, secure and sustainable operations. What we are most proud of at Beacon is the daily impact our products make while ensuring the safety of the warfighters who every day put their lives on the line to protect us.

Q: What are your teaming goals within NAMC?

A: Beacon’s products are in active deployment across U.S. Navy ships, submarines and carriers, driving optimized readiness and performance gains across the Fleet. Beacon transitioned these digital capabilities to the U.S. Air Force, digitizing flight line operations, getting aircraft back in the air as rapidly as possible. We are now actively looking for like-minded partners with the subject matter expertise to bring these performance improving capabilities to the U.S. Army.


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