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Just Released | RAS-G IOP V5 & V6 WIPTs

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V5 Released & V6 WIPTs

The government is pleased to announce the release of the Robotics & Autonomous Systems - Ground (RAS-G) Interoperability Profile (IOP) Version 5.0 (V5.0.1). This series of documents provides software and hardware interfaces for ensuring a modular, open systems architecture for the major subsystems of RAS-G systems.

In addition, the government would like to invite interested NAMC member companies to participate in the development of IOP V6. This is done through a series of WIPTs, which are listed below with contact information for joining. We will be looking to kick these WIPTs off end of June or early July so please contact the POC(s) to the WIPT(s) you are interested in.


NAMC Groups requires a separate log-in account. If you do not already have an account you will need to register under the RAS Community of Interest via link below.


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