The Defense Mobility Enterprise (DME) (NAMC + AMO) utilizes a “BAA Information Delivery System” (BIDS) custom software solution for organizing the Annual Plan Process.

The Government uses this software to input their requirements, assemble the actual Annual Plan document as well as to evaluate and record feedback for white papers and proposals.

BIDS is used on the NAMC side for submitting all documents agains the Annual Plan and retrieving evaluation feedback.  As of 2018, BIDS is also used for the submission of all AdHocs.

BIDS is a stand-alone system which is not connected to this site in any way. As such, it requires a separate login/password for access/submitting and has its own help desk associated with it. 

When setting up your registration in BIDS we recommend you choose a login related to your company name, and share it within your company for single point archiving of submissions. Remember, notifications from BIDS will be sent to one email address, you may want to consider setting up a group email within your organization for this purpose.

Quick Cards ("How To" documents) for using BIDS are available for your reference.

BIDS Portal

Accessing BIDS will open a new browser window. Please note: Your NAMC login credentials are not valid on the BIDS website. Please register with BIDS for an account if you have not already done so.

Access BIDS Quick Cards