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NGCV CFT 1:1 Sessions

The Next Generation Combat Vehicle (NGCV) Cross Functional Team (CFT) would like to extend an opportunity to interested traditional, non-traditional, academia, and foreign and domestic defense partners to participate in an up to 45-minute one-on-one session with the NGCV CFT. The one-on-one sessions will be recurring in nature, with the first two sessions scheduled for 25 June 2019 and 10 September 2019, and then on the last Tuesday of every other month thereafter. 

All sessions will take place at the Defense Acquisition University facility, 38219 Mound Rd., Sterling Heights, MI 48312. 

The purposes of the one-on-one sessions will be for Industry to market its capability, technology, or product to the NGCV CFT that it believes would provide utility to the U.S. Army and its Soldiers specific to Ground Combat Vehicles. These sessions will not be used to discuss specific requirements that have been, or are about to be, officially solicited by the Government.


Please submit the following information to Ms. Corey Richards at corey.l.richards5.civ@mail.mil no later than 12:00 PM local time on 21 June 2019 to pre-register for the 25 June 2019 session and no later than 3 September 2019 to pre-register for the 10 September session. A maximum of five (5) individuals per company will be permitted to register/attend. Telephone registration requests will not be accepted. Registrations received after the cut-off date(s) will not be accepted; however, an opportunity to attend a future session will be offered. 

1. Individual attendee’s full name 
2. Individual attendee’s e-mail address 
3. Individual attendee’s citizenship status 
4. Company name 
5. Company CAGE Code 
6. Name of product or technology you wish to discuss. 
7. A one-page white paper that describes your product or technology, focusing on the areas of: 
   a. current relevant customers of your product; 
   b. self-assessed maturity level of your product; 
   c. why you believe your product would be beneficial to the Soldiers and how its related to Ground Combat Vehicles; and 
   d. any cost information associated with your product 
8. Any additional marketing material (optional) 

When submitting pre-conference registration information, please include “[Date] One-on-One Session Requested” in the email subject line. Any changes to the time, date or location of this event will be posted to the FBO website. 


This invitation to participate in an NGCV CFT One-on-One Session does not constitute an invitation for bid. Any procurement action under the purview of the NGCV CFT will be subject to a separate, future announcement. The Government is under no obligation to award any related contract associated with this event. Further, it does not obligate the Government in any manner. 

The Government will not reimburse interested parties for any costs associated with preparing or submitting a response to this notice, or for preparing for or attending the One-on-One Session. Participation in the NGCV CFT One-on-One Session is voluntary. The Government will use its sole discretion when determining whether or not the offered product or technology fits within the NGCV CFT portfolio or the Army’s top modernization priorities based on the contents of the submitted white paper. Each registrant will be notified of its timeslot if invited to participate; the Government can conduct up to eight (8) vendors during the day between the hours of 0800 and 1645. If registration exceeds eight (8) interested vendors, the Government will explore whether an additional day can be offered in that month, or whether the vendor will be invited to participate in the next offered session. Telephonic briefings will not be honored at this time; all sessions should occur in person. If these two initial dates do not work for you, future sessions will be announced. 

Dress will be business casual.

You may view the full announcement on FBO.Gov HERE.


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Tuesday, June 18, 2019