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Smart Motor Pool (SMP) Initiative


Request for Information (RFI) *Now Available*

The RFI for the NAMC funded Smart Motor Pool Pitch Competition is now available and open to non-members. Please download the RFI documents from this post and use the Quad Chart Template provided for your Round I submissions.

First Round Quad Charts are due NLT 3PM ET on 27 May.

About the Opportunity

NAMC will conduct a Pitch Competition Event at this year’s Ground Vehicle Systems Engineering Technology Symposium (GVSETS) in Novi, MI from 10-11 Aug 2021 as an effort to ideate on known problems in support of the government.  We are seeking innovative ideas and solutions to address the selected problem areas from the study identified below:

Problem Statement 1: Improving the Technical Proficiency of Vehicle Maintainers
Problem Statement 2: Providing the needed Maintenance Equipment and Tools
Problem Statement 3: Coordinating Maintenance Scheduling & Personnel Utilization
Problem Statement 4: Consistently Capturing Timely, Accurate Vehicle Maintenance Data
Open Category: (Big Ideas) that are cross-cutting/impactful

Prize:  Multiple awards totaling $100K


The purpose of the SMP MDI project was to identify, characterize, and document comprehensive, pivotal insights into the tactical, operational challenges that motor pool maintenance managers, primarily warrant officers (WOs) and non-commissioned officers (NCOs), currently and commonly experience in their efforts to ensure the readiness of a Brigade Combat Team (BCT) fleet of vehicles. The study also served to validate the value of MDI for providing industry, especially non-traditional companies, with greater insight into problems for which the Army seeks innovative solutions.

The executive summary of the report is accessible as an attachment to this post. 


Jon St John | JonS@NAMConsortium.org


Sorting Date: 
Thursday, May 13, 2021