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JLTV Trailer Market Survey

The Government has released a survey to conduct market research and identify potential sources for the production of the Joint Light Tactical Vehicles (JLTV) Family of Vehicles (FOV) - Trailer (T).

The JLTV FoV is a materiel solution intended to provide ground transport to mounted Infantry, Combat Arms, and Combat Service Support forces. The intent of the JLTV program is to provide a mobile, lightweight tactical vehicle that fills capability gaps, regains transportability, and restores balance in the "iron triangle" of protection, payload, and performance. The JLTV provides protected, sustained, networked light tactical mobility to enhance the effectiveness of ground combat and supporting forces. It is also capable of moving over long distances within a theater of operations using a variety of lift assets, including sealift, amphibious ships and airlift capabilities both fixed and rotary wing.

The JLTV FoV is comprised of two variants, a four-seat and a two-seat variant, a companion trailer (JLTV-T), and associated kits. The four-seat variant has two Base Vehicle Platforms: the General Purpose (GP) and the Close Combat Weapons Carrier (CCWC). The GP platform has two Mission Package Configurations, the GP and the Heavy Guns Carrier (HGC). The CCWC platform has only the CCWC Mission Package Configuration. The two-seat variant has one Base Vehicle Platform: the Utility (UTL). Each base vehicle platform will be configured as a Mission Package Configuration through the installation of various kits.

This Market Survey is only applicable to the production and fielding of the JLTV-T and associated kits. The JLTV-T is the companion trailer to the JLTV FOVs.

To view and respond to this Sources Sought notice, please click HERE.  Documents associated with this announcement are only housed on the FBO.Gov site If you have questions, please contact the POCs found on the FBO.gov notice.  This is NOT a NAMC specific opportunity.


Sorting Date: 
Friday, July 12, 2019