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The NAMC Board of Directors has elected from among the elected members of the Board, the following persons as Officers for a 2-year Term to end in September 2020.

President - Kevin Mulrenin, Pratt & Miller Engineering
Vice President - Matt Dooley, John H. Northrop & Associates (JHNA)
Secretary - Jerry Lane, Great Lakes Systems & Technologies

Mr. Mike Ladika will serve as Past President.

Further, the following persons were either Elected by the Membership or Appointed by NAMC's Supported Organizations, NCMS and AUVSI to the Board.  Full bios can be found HERE.  You may download a PDF of the full Board to the right.

Elected, NDC Seat - Bob Yackel, Merrill Technologies Group
Since 2008, he has served as president and chief executive officer of Merrill Technologies Group (Merrill). He has served the manufacturing industry for the past 30 years and has extensive experience in driving process and customer service improvements, while building critical partnerships within desired strategic markets. Prior to serving as CEO, Bob was president of the company’s Merrill Tool & Machine business unit. Under his 10-year leadership with Merrill Tool & Machine the company doubled in size, experienced 25-percent annual growth for six-consecutive years and diversified into new markets including defense, solar and wind.

Elected, Academic Seat - Louay Chamra, Oakland University
Dean of the School of Engineering and Computer Science at Oakland University. He is responsible for shaping academic priorities and programs, attracting and supporting outstanding faculty, recruiting undergraduate and graduate students, and providing global education for students. He oversees the development of collaborations with industry through research initiatives, technology transfer and commercialization.

Elected, Large For-Profit Seat - David Miller, BAE Systems
David Miller is the Business Development director representing the Detroit Arsenal community for BAE Systems Platforms and Services Sector. Before joining BAE Systems David was the Business Development executive for Endeavor Robotics, responsible in capture management for the company’s Army and Marine Corps programs of record. David served as an acquisition officer in both PM Light Armored vehicles and Robotic Systems Joint Program Office. In the latter, he was responsible for the acquisition and fielding of a portfolio of robotic systems for both the Marine Corps and Army. Prior to the acquisition corps, David served in the Marine Corps infantry.

NCMS Appointment - Don Steinman, Product Knowledge, LLC
Mr. Steinman joined Product Knowledge in March of 2015 as the Executive Vice President and Senior Product Expert. In July of 2015, he was selected by the board to serve as General Manager. In this role he directs all product strategy, planning and execution for the firm and its clients. He brings with him with him more than 20 years of technology product development and commercialization experience resulting in more than $2 Billion in delivered product. He is widely recognized as a leader in results oriented unconventional product strategy and delivery. Having extensive experience with both large and small firms his expertise provides value across Product Knowledge’s entire range of clients.

NCMS Appointment - Rachel O’Donohue, NCMS
Rachel O’Donohue has been with NCMS, a 501(c)(3) non-profit, since 1995 in various financial roles. In 2015, she became the Financial Director and Corporate Treasurer of the NCMS. She is responsible for the operation of the organization’s overall financial, contracting and accounting efforts. Trained in Fund accounting and Federal procurement regulations, she works with project teams on multi-company, multi-year collaborative R&D programs to develop and manage program budgets, report financial results and comply with federal and state guidelines. Has worked closely with RTC and NAMC over the last 10 years, providing financial, budget and annual audit services. She received two B.B.A.’s in Business Administration from the Eastern Michigan University with majors in Economics and Accounting.

NCMS Appointment - Lisa Strama, NCMS
Lisa Strama is President and CEO of NCMS. She brings extensive and diverse leadership experience spanning functional roles for delivery, sales, systems design and infrastructure improvements.. Prior to joining NCMS, Lisa was the Senior Director of Business Development for Aerospace and Defense for Siemens’ PLM Software. In this role, she represented the global Aerospace and Defense industry and was responsible for providing integrated product and application lifecycle management solutions, strategy and execution leadership. 

AUVSI Appointment (reappointed) - Dan Deguire, QinetiQ NA
Vice President of Land Systems, QinetiQ North America, has more than twenty five years’ experience at QinetiQ developing and fielding unmanned and survivability systems working at both the Engineering and Managerial level. He presently leads an integrated product development business unit consisting of electrical, mechanical, software and systems engineers developing robotic systems for IED / mine remediation and tactical weaponized robots including associated operator controls and interfaces. He also leads the Survivability Solutions group, the world leader in Aircraft Armor and RPG defeat systems.

AUVSI Appointment - Tim Schulteis, Lockheed Martin
Tim Schulteis is a Program Manager at Lockheed Martin (LM) Missiles and Fire Control’s - Autonomous Systems Group, a position he has held since May 2015. In this position, he oversees and manages the LM Autonomous Mobility Applique System (AMAS) and follow-on efforts. AMAS is a complete set of hardware and software designed to be a modular kit-based solution to retrofit autonomy capabilities onto Army Logistics and Transportation vehicles and extensible to other platforms. His team has developed and conducted multiple demonstrations of Leader-Follower capability without the need for a human driver in the follower vehicle, Waypoint driving capability, and Driver Warning and Driver Assist features of the AMAS system.

Sorting Date: 
Monday, October 15, 2018
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