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The NAMC is open to any and all traditional and nontraditional, large and small, for-profit companies, academic institutions, and non-profit organizations with ground vehicle and robotics technological capabilities.

STEP 1: Online Application

  • Complete the online membership application to completeness. Make sure to upload all necessary documents when prompted too.

  • The following documents are required to complete this application.

STEP 2: Application Confirmation

  • You will receive an e-mail confirming your submission and advising as to any missing or incomplete material.

STEP 3: Review Process

  • Each application will be reviewed by the NAMC Executive Director and considered for approval by the NAMC Executive Committee. Upon acceptance, you will be notified through the primary contact’s email listed in this application.

  • Once accepted, membership dues are a flat $500 annual fee per company. Invoices are prorated for new members based on the fiscal year of Oct-1 through Sept-30. All current members are invoiced $500 in October for the following year’s dues. Dues must be paid in full in order to submit proposals against DME opportunities.