SPAWAR Pacific Now Accepting Applications – MOCU 4 Software

March 15, 2017

The document below describes how companies interested in evaluating the Multi-robot Operator Control Unit version 4 (MOCU 4) software, in connection with the Army’s Common Robotic System (Individual) (CRS(I)) program, can apply to obtain the MOCU 4 source code via a Limited Purpose Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (LP-CRADA) with the Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center Pacific (SSC Pacific).  This opportunity is effective immediately.  The purpose of the LP-CRADA is to allow for a temporary loan of MOCU 4 from the SSC Pacific to a company for test and evaluation purposes in order for a company to determine if they will propose the use of MOCU 4 as part of a solution for the CRS(I) program.

The attached document contains an overview of the MOCU 4 LP-CRADA, a list of characteristics of the MOCU 4 LP-CRADA in connection with CRS(I), an outline of the LP-CRADA process, and a MOCU 4 LP-CRADA application.  It is important to note that a company’s right to use MOCU 4 is limited to the aforementioned purpose and that the LP-CRADA will terminate upon a company submitting a proposal to the CRS(I) program.  At the end of LP-CRADA, the company will be required to discontinue use of MOCU 4, uninstall and delete MOCU 4, and supply the SSC Pacific with a report of their testing and evaluation.   That said, there are several options available to companies who desire to continue using MOCU 4 thereafter, as described in the attached document.

On average, SSC Pacific requires 20 business days to review and approve LP-CRADA applications.  Therefore, companies interested in obtaining a copy of the MOCU 4 software for test and evaluation purposes following the introductory MOCU 4 and Unmanned Systems (UxS) Control Segment (UCS) open architecture training sessions for industry on April 11th and 12th, should review the attached and consider submitting an application as soon as possible: copies of the MOCU 4 software provided to participants for their use during the industry training sessions will be removed from all participants’ laptops immediately following the conclusion of the training.

Please note that the LP-CRADA is facilitated through the SSC Pacific Technology Transfer (T2) Office, which operates separate from the CRS(I) program.  All MOCU 4 LP-CRADA applications, therefore, should be submitted directly to SSC Pacific, as per the instructions in the attached document.

Please direct any questions regarding this opportunity via e-mail to Ashley Snider


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