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The NAMC is open to any and all traditional and nontraditional, large and small, for-profit companies, academic institutions, and non-profit organizations with ground vehicle and robotics technological capabilities.

The NAMC serves several purposes. One is to enable its members to better understand warfighter needs. A second is to funnel leading edge ideas and concepts to DoD program and technical managers so they gain the broadest possible insight as to what’s technologically possible. And a third is to ease and accelerate the process for getting prototype R&D projects under contract.

NAMC members submit white papers and proposals individually or oftentimes enter into teaming agreements with other members to submit joint proposals. Once the Government determines which proposals to accept, and if funding is available, the selected members are rapidly put under contract to perform the proposed work according to the pre-negotiated terms and conditions of the OTA. If funding is not available, all technically acceptable proposals are put in an electronic basket and remain viable for 3-years.

Funding simplified proposal and contracting process for Government funded R&D projects with incentives to engage “nontraditional suppliers”
Informed Innovation visibility into actual warfighter needs, plus opportunities to obtain Government feedback on proprietary ideas
Resources access to Government equipment, software tools, facilities, personnel, and other resources
Standards education, training, and support for interoperability, open architecture, and other standards adopted by the Government
Teaming opportunities to connect with Government program managers, defense contractors and researchers across the spectrum of manned and unmanned systems and component technologies

Dues Structure

Membership dues are a flat $500 annual fee per company. Invoices are prorated for new members based on the fiscal year of Oct-1 through Sept-30. All current members are invoiced in October $500 for the following year’s dues. Dues must be paid in full in order to submit proposals against DME opportunities.

Member List

Download the current list of member organizations.


Organizations must possess a current DD2345 for membership in the consortium.  Process and approval of your application may take up to 5-days. Once your membership is approved individuals from your organization can register to use this site.



Individuals from member organizations can register to use this website.