CONGRATS to , the top prize winners from the NAMC Smart Motor Pool Pitch Competition held at GVSETS!

Raytheon pitched their Intelligent Interactive Motor Pool Management (I2M2) open platform that provides a holistic solution for integration of Army Enterprise and motor pool maintenance management data; and enables Army partners and third parties to develop new Smart Motor Pool (SMP) applications using secure, published Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).
All six finalists each received $10k in prize money, with the remaining divvied up between winners. The top three awards were as follows:

First: Raytheon Missiles & Defense, Intelligent Interactive Motor Pool Management Tool ($35K total award)

Second: MCM Learning, Inc., On-Demand Embedded Training Tool, ($20K total award)

Third: BAE Systems, Commanders Analytics & Reporting (CART), ($15K total  award)
Additional finalists:  Andromeda Systems IncorporatedConcurrent Technologies Corporation & Oshkosh Defense.

Thanks to industry and our government partners for their work on this innovation competition. NAMC looks forward to building off of the capabilities and continuing to support strategic Army initiatives.


Sorting Date: 
Wednesday, August 11, 2021