MAF Follow-on
TR Status:
Monday, December 11, 2017 - 13:00



A working group consisting of Government MAPS team members and participating NAMC members will develop a Modular APS Framework (MAF) open architecture virtual model prototype. This working group should follow an "adopt-adapt-author" methodology in the effort to move towards establishing a set of common open architectures for use within the vehicle and mission system communities. These prototype virtual model architectures will be independent of specific hardware, software or firmware solutions. These virtual prototypes will be used to evaluate the feasibility of the MAF concept. This new concept will forge an advancement in the state of the APS industry by opening up the APS marketplace to subsystem developers, which will enable them to have input to the MAF and develop compliant subsystems that could be acquired by ground platform OEMs to upgrade existing APS as new requirements emerge.


Despite ongoing Science and Technology (S&T) efforts by Government and industry, current APS are inadequate in technical maturity and do not currently meet desired PM requirements. Systems are not configurable for commonality across the vehicle fleet, tailorable to system needs, and ultimately lack a sufficient transitional Technology Readiness Level (TRL). These proprietary systems restrict the Government’s understanding of capabilities and function, and in turn prohibit tailoring systems to meet Size, Weight, Performance, Cooling (SWaP-C), and cost needs. APS modularity has never been pursued and interdependence of system components and safety concerns present significant challenges. APS point designs have been demonstrated, but none are currently fielded by the US.