Tuesday, August 25, 2020 - 15:00


Q&A Now Available

The Q&A document for RPP-20-15 PEM Electric Sprocket Drive has been released by the Government and is now available on the NAMC website. This can be accessed by clicking on the Q&A button under Actions.

Due Date Extended

The Government has extended the due date for RPP-20-15 PEM Electric Sprocket Drive. Proposals are now due in BIDS by 3:00pm ET on 25-AUG-2020.

Final RPP-20-15 PEM ESD Released

The purpose of this RPP is to solicit Cost Plus Fixed Fee (CPFF) proposals for the research and development of a modular or scalable Electric Sprocket Drive system to deliver electric power from the generator as torque to the vehicle sprockets on two weight classes of series hybrid tracked vehicle – the Optionally Manned Fighting Vehicle (OMFV) and the Robotic Combat Vehicle - Medium (RCV-M).

Draft RPP-20-15 PEM ESD Released

The Government has released DRAFT documents for RPP-20-15 Platform Electrification & Mobility (PEM) Electric Sprocket Drive (ESD). Please note, we anticipate only 15 days for the proposal submission phase once the final RPP is released, so please plan accordingly. The Government is on a very tight award timeline.