Friday, April 17, 2020 - 15:00


Updated Q&A Posted

An updated Q&A document is now available for RPP-20-01.  To view, click on the Q&A button under Actions.

Due Date Extended to 17-APR-2020

The Government has granted a due date extension for the DME FY21 Annual Plan.  Proposals are now due in BIDS by 3:00pm ET on 17-APR-2020.

DME FY21 Annual Plan Now Open

The DME FY21 Annual Plan is now OPEN for proposal submission in BIDS. RPP-20-01 (AP21) has been posted to the NAMC website. Proposals are due in BIDS by 3:00pm ET on 31-MAR-2020.

RPP Release Further Delayed

The FY21 DME Annual Plan (RPP-20-01) has been further delayed.  We now expect it to be released 26-FEB-2020.  Proposals will be due 23-MAR-2020.  An updated schedule will be released with the RPP.  We will notify our members when it is released.  

AP21 Release Delayed

The FY21 DME Annual Plan (RPP-20-01) has been delayed and we expect it to be released by the Government within 2 weeks.  We will notify our members when it is released.  The due date for submissions (13 March) is not expected to change and will not be extended at this time.