Status: RPP
Deadline: Thursday, April 18, 2019


FY20 Annual Plan (RPP-19-08) Now Open for Submissions

The DME FY20 Annual Plan is now OPEN for proposal submission.  Whitepaper feedback has been released in BIDS and RPP-19-08 has been posted to the NAMC website.  Proposals are due no later than 3:00pm EDT on 18-APR-2019 in BIDS.

FY20 Annual Plan Proposal Submission

RPP-19-08 FY20 Annual Plan is scheduled for release to the NAMC Membership on Friday, March 22nd, 2019. All NAMC members will be eligible to submit proposals against any project listed in RPP-19-08 FY20 Annual Plan, regardless of whether or not they submitted a whitepaper.

AP20 Revised

A new version dated 12-FEB-2019 of the FY20 Annual Plan has been uploaded.  The only change to this version is SUR 20-12 project identifier was corrected to SUR 20-09 to align with BIDS.  No other edits were made.  Whitepapers are due in BIDS tomorrow, February 13, 2019 by 5:00pm ET.  LATE SUBMISSIONS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.

FY20 Annual Plan Cycle Schedule Revised

The FY20 Annual Plan Cycle Schedule has been revised.  The Due Date for Whitepaper Submissions has been extended to 5:00pm ET on 13-FEB-2019.  Please download the most current schedule under Actions on the AP20 page.

FY20 Annual Plan Released

The DME FY20 Annual Plan has been released.  This signifies the start of the Whitepaper Submission phase and conversations with the listed Agreements Officer Representatives (AORs) are now permitted. Whitepapers are due in BIDS by 5:00pm ET on 8-FEB-2019.

FY20 Annual Plan Open for Comment

The DRAFT FY20 Annual Plan (AP20) is now open for Comment. You may log into BIDS to review the projects and submit your comments and questions.

FY20 Annual Cycle Schedule Revised

Defense Mobility Enterprise (DME) FY20 Annual Cycle Schedule has been Revised. The DME has revised the FY20 Annual Cycle Schedule to adjust the proposal submission phase.  Proposal Submissions against the FY20 Annual Plan will now be open from 22-MAR-2019 to 18-APR-2019. 

FY20 DME Annual Plan Cycle Schedule Revised

The FY20 DME Annual Plan Cycle Schedule has been revised to allow the period for Government Project input into the Annual Plan to remain open while TARDEC is finalizing their Program Objective Memorandum (POM).  The period for Government input of projects will now close on 12-NOV-2018 and other dates have been adjusted to accommodate this extension.

FY20 Annual Cycle Schedule

The FY20 DME Annual Plan Cycle Schedule has been released.  Please download the Annual Cycle schedule for the FY20 Annual Plan by clicking the button under "Actions" on the AP-20 page or the button on your Organization dashboard.