Status: RPP


Close of DME FY17 Annual Plan

On Thursday, June 30, 2016 NAMC received 176 proposals against the DME FY17 Annual Plan through RPP-10. This marks the close of the AP17 cycle.

Request for Prototype Proposals

This Request for Project Proposals (Under GVS OTA) W15QKN-14-9-1002-RPP10 for the FY17 DME Annual

Whitepapers Against AP17

On Friday, March 4th, the NAMC received 337 whitepapers against the DME FY17 Annual Plan. Yesterday, NCMS worked to perform an admin review on each whitepaper and release it to the Government for the next level of evaluation.

Communications with the Government

We have been asked by the Government to “please remind our members”  that although communications

Whitepaper Submission Phase

The FY17 Defense Mobility Enterprise (DME) Annual Plan was opened up in BIDS today and is now ava

Comment Phase

The DME “Draft” FY17 Annual Plan is now available in BIDS for your review and comment.

Good Idea Submission Phase

Prior to the start of the FY17 Annual Plan, the Defense Mobility Enterprise (DME) will open its B