Status: RPP


Proposal Submissions Against RPP5

Today marked another milestone for NAMC and the Defense Mobility Enterprise (DME): when BIDS closed at 5 PM Eastern Standard Time, 82 NAMC Members had uploaded 266 Proposals against 126 government requirements into the BIDS system as a part of the DME’s FY15/16 Annual Plan. This is a tremendous start for the DME as we are only in our 10th month of operation after signing the GVS OTA on July 1, 2015.

Request for Prototype Proposals

The Request for Project Proposals (Under GVS OTA) W15QKN-14-9-1002-RPP5 for DME Annual Plan FY15/

Whitepaper Feedback Released

The Vehicle and Robotics Program Office (VRA) released White Paper Feedback from BIDS last night – the email notification was sent directly to the Submitter of the whitepaper.  

Whitepaper Phase

We have just successfully completed the first stage in our FY’15/16 Annual Plan process.