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NASA Space Challenge

NASA’s vision of Phase 2 of the Space Robotics Challenge is seeking to foster the creation or advancement of autonomous capabilities of lunar surface robots. You do not have to have participated in Phase 1 to participate in Phase 2. The focus of SRC Phase 2 is on the ability of virtual robotic systems to perform a long-term fully autonomous In-Situ Resource Utilization (ISRU) mission for the Moon. This challenge will require competitors to develop software that allows a team of virtual robots (i.e., virtual robotic team) to operate fully autonomously for a specified length of time.

The Competition Rounds will be carried out in a robotic simulation format, using Open Robotics’ Gazebo and Robot Operating System (ROS) platforms. The challenge will consist of a Qualification Round and a Competition Round. Both rounds will require fully autonomous operations. A prize purse of up to $1,000,000 USD will be awarded across two rounds of competition. Qualifying Round - Awards: The Top 25 scoring competitors in the Qualification Round that meet or exceed a given threshold score, will be awarded prizes from a purse of $375,000 USD. Only the Top 25 scoring competitors will be invited to compete in the Competition Round. Competitors will be able to win a maximum of $15,000 USD. Should a competitor not complete all required tasks, but still be in the Top 25 scoring competitors, a percentage of the $15,000 will be awarded based on the percentage of the trial that was completed.

Competition Round - Awards: The Top 10 scoring competitors in the Competition Round that meet or exceed a given threshold score, will be awarded prizes from a purse of $625,000 USD.

First Place: $185,000 USD

Second Place: $125,000 USD

Third Place: $75,000 USD

Fourth Place: $50,000 USD

Fifth Place: $40,000 USD

Sixth through Tenth Place: $30,000 USD each

This is an opportunity external to the NAMC, please do not contact us with questions. Please direct all questions regarding this opportunity to info@spaceroboticschallenge.com.

 Get more information at www.spaceroboticschallenge.com


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Tuesday, August 13, 2019